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Adventure Ponies 2

Adventure Ponies 2

Game Name: Adventure Ponies 2

Game Description:

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Adventure Ponies 2

  • Choose your pony. The more you play, the more ponies you unlock.
  • Use the arrow keys to move your pony. Avoid falling into pits.
  • Use the space bar to make your pony jump.
  • Use the S key to activate the special pony ability.
  • Use the special pony ability to remove obstacles (like cracked walls) and defeat each enemy you encounter.
  • Each enemy you defeat will reward you with one of the missing Elements of Harmony. Find them all to win the game!
  • Keep an eye out for hidden bonus rounds where you have a limited amount of time to collect as many apples as you can.

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Adventure Ponies 2